_01 Technical Service

Automatisms Lorenzo s.l. offers a technical and after sales service, both nationally and internationally, for its facilities and equipment through a network of distributors with extensive experience in the sector.

Together with our large network of distributors around Spain, Europe, South America and Asia we can offer advice and technical support for our products and those we nowadays represent to our clients.

Our experience and professionalism allow us to innovate continuously in order to offer a technical service from the national and international leading manufacturers like Elettrondata, Leca, Proin, Laumas Elettronica, LIFE home integration, etc.

Our company can provide from a basic after sales service (repairing a fault or checking a facility on request of the client) to a complete after sales service (technical service arranged for periodic revisions of the facility, actualization of programs and telephone tech support).


_02 After Sales Service

Nowadays, Automatisms Lorenzo s.l. provides the after sales service in Spain for two Italian companies who had faith in us to introduce their products in our national market.

Elettrondata, srl

The leading manufacturer of concrete in Italy with software and hardware for the production of concrete, ceramic, fleet management, moisture probes, measuring equipment, etc. It counts with collaborators all around Italy and in countries like Spain, Russia, Belgium, England, Greece, Albany, Cyprus, Republic of Macedonia, China, India, Monaco, Bulgaria and Middle East.

Laumas Elettronica

Laumas Elettronica, leading Italian company in the making of weighing equipment for industry and trade. Their industrial and commercial weighing equipment is built with the most rigorous quality system and the latest technology in Software and hardware. Proof of this are all the quality seals they currently have. They have contributors all over Italy and around the world.

LIFE home integration

LIFE home integration, leading Italian company in the making of automation for hinged, sliding and sectional doors, barriers, control systems, accesories, etc. Its technology and simplicity make LIFE home integration systems integrated, easily installed, with innovative services and proved security, above all.